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Care Line Pillows

Care Line Pillows

 Care Line Pillows

Care Line pillows are manufactured in the USA using the most popular ticking materials, including vinyl, nylon, polypropylene, polyester, and cotton. Our pillows are made with 100% polyester fiber fill that meets all common standards for fire retardation.

Our standard reusable pillows are made with our signature Endurance* ticking, available in blue or white. All Care Line reusable pillows are non-allergenic, bacteria resistant, antifungal, and fluid resistant. No laundering is required, simply wipe clean with a soapy cloth and your solution of choice.

Our disposable pillows are made from very cost-effective non-woven polypropylene ticking
material and garneted polyester fiber fill. They are non-allergenic, non-irritating, and virtually
non-linting. With hospital acquired infections being a priority, disposable pillows make more sense now than ever.

Care Line's Applause pillows are reusuable, non-allergenic, bacteria resistant, antifungal, and fluid resistant pillow. Available is Blue or White, the coated SBPP ticking is soft and comfortable. These pillows can be a cost effective alternative when standard reusable pillows are routinely lost/damaged. 

Care Line Cough and Comfort Bears

Care Line Cough & Comfort Pillows
Care Line Heart, Bear and other Therapeutic Pillows provide physical and emotional support following or during procedures.

The Bear Pillow comes with a removable t-shirt that can be used for custom printing.

Care Line bears are available in 14-inch and
20-inch sizes.




*Endurance is a trademark of Spec-Tex.